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Destination Wedding in Arequipa, Peru


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This summer, Ben and I traveled across the globe down to Arequipa, Peru for my college roommate’s wedding! She met her sweetheart there when she studied abroad our junior year and it was truly God’s providence. Jill’s host family introduced her to other family friends that were her age and it wasn’t long before she was falling in love with Josh!

The wedding was an absolutely breathtaking experience! The weather during August is extremely predicable: always a sunny 75 degrees during the day and chilly at nights. So they had nothing to worry about raining on their parade. Their gorgeous tent reception was just a few blocks from the church and when you entered the courtyard, butlers greeted you with ceviche and other hors d’oeurves as you walked by to pick up your sangria.

New Traditions

Now let me tell you, Peruvians know how to party!  The latin american music has so much more rhythym to dance to than anything I have ever known. Us Americans definitely stood out from the crowd since we were not as smooth as the locals  – they definitely taught us a thing or two 😉 At the end of the night, the reception feel turned into a discotech for their “crazy hour” with flashing colorful lights, bumping music, masquerade masks (also shaped like superheroes – Jill’s favorite!), and passing out the long balloons like you would use for balloon animals.

Each of the tables had a bottle wine and a bottle of whiskey on it for the guests to enjoy. Not only that, but instead of a garter toss, the groom threw a box of whiskey (without the bottle inside during the actual throw) to all of the guys present. Whoever catches the box then in turn gets the bottle of whiskey inside. I loved this idea and it was a riot watching the guys compete to catch it. Definitely bringing this new tradition back with us to the states!

We couldn’t be happier that we made the trek to see my fellow ginger and celebrate alongside her and Josh! Not only are we bringing back new traditions, but we are bringing back cherished memories. They say that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer – and it is certainly true!

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