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Lauren and Taylor
For the Love of Hockey Winter Engagement


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Hi friends!

This engagement session is so dear to my heart because the bride is my longest friend!! Lauren and I go all the way back to preschool and have stayed in touch ever since. Not to mention, their engagement session was at the park we grew up at together which had me reflecting on the awesome parallel between old memories and making new ones. Celebrating the blessings of life together is really what it is all about though.

Lauren taught me a lot over the years. In our preschool days, she taught me that you can color a duck any color you want (even pink!) during arts and crafts time instead of yellow.  MIND BLOWN. Four year old Katzie had her world rocked forever from that point on. Now in our adult years, she is still teaching me, but in a whole new way. She is teaching me about true love and deep joy through her example in her relationship with Taylor.

Relationship Goals

If you spend a few moments with these sweethearts, you know they are the kindest souls out there. They are literally #RelationshipGoals. I say they are relationship goals because of their creativity to request a fun ice skating engagement session that includes a save the date announcement with hockey sticks, puck and goals. How adorably cute and Minnesotan is that?! Right?! More reasons why I love our land of 10,000 lakes. It’s been fun to catch up with this sweet couple to hear about their love of going on dates to the Fighting Sioux and Gopher hockey games and Taylor teaching Lauren how to do the fast hockey stop that sprays ice in one big swoop.  I saw it in person and can affirm she NAILED it.

You can hardly tell that it was a FREEEEZZZINGG cold day because they seriously warm your heart. I can’t wait to keep celebrating more beautiful, happy moments together with Lauren and Taylor over the next year. Cheers!

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We are so glad you pulled up a chair and allowed us to share our heart for marriage, life, faith and beauty with you. Come on in and stay a while.