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7 Ways to Prepare The Week of Your Wedding

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Tips for Brides

If you're newly engaged, read our posts with tips for brides to grow closer in prayer during your engagement and have a stress-free wedding day. 

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The date is set, venue booked, major vendors hired. As the wedding date approaches, it starts to be less about big decisions and more about small logistics that bring your vision together. Below are seven ways that prepare you for a great photo experience and that will minimize stress.

Share Picture List with Family

Send the family photo list and schedule out to everyone involved so that they aware of where they need to be on the wedding day. It helps to tell them to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the planned start time to keep us all on schedule. This also gives your family time to look at the family picture list and express any hidden expectations or requests they might have.

Designate a Photo Wrangler

Parents naturally go into host-mode when their relatives are around. In case mom or dad are missing in action, it helps to have someone else designated as a photo wrangler who can gather family together and let them know which combination is “on deck.” This not only makes the process more efficient for your family but it also helps us as photographers know if someone ran off to the bathroom. We can adapt quickly when we are aware of what is going on. Print a copy of the final photo list for your photo wranger to have on hand during the wedding day just in case.

Compile all wedding details together

Compile a bag of all wedding details you want captured during the getting ready photos so we can get started quickly. For the bride this often includes the dress, veil, jewelry, shoes, two copies of the invitation suite, perfume, all three rings, letter from the groom, and any other sentimental details as desired. For the groom this often includes the suit, shoes, fun or fancy socks, tie, cuff links, watch, etc.

Deliver Flowers to Getting Ready Suite

This allows photographers to use the flowers in your getting ready images.  You can also ask your florist to include any extra blooms that didn’t make the bouquet to be used in the wedding detail shots. Many are happy to include them for you. Plus, if you’re doing a first look, then you’ll also have the bonus of knowing you’ll have your bouquet in hand ready to see your sweetheart before the ceremony. 

Set Expectations with Wedding Party

You’ll want to make sure they know the game plan for the wedding day: where to be, when to be there, and what they should be wearing. A lot of brides want to do a group robe picture with the bridesmaids during the getting ready pictures before they put on their formal dresses. Groomsmen typically plan to be already dressed in their dress shirt and pants when Ben arrives to the guys. Setting expectations with them saves time and creates a smooth start to the wedding day.

It also helps the wedding party to hear from the bride and groom regarding your expectations of them during group pictures on the wedding day. From cooperating with the photographer so that you can stay on schedule to prepping their best jokes that will keep the two of you naturally laughing all day long.

Share Contact with Vendor Team

You may not have your phone with you throughout the day, so be sure to have another person (personal attendant, best man, sibling, etc.) who can communicate any last minute updates with your photographer, videographer, and the others vendors who are capturing your wedding day. Make sure they have our phone number as well. Hiring a day-of coordinate can help take some of these last minute stresses off your shoulders.

Lastly, enjoy every minute of the day that flies by way too fast!

Your family is coming into town. All your favorite people are going to be in one place. Delegate as much as you can, put on a fun playlist, and then simply enjoy making memories with everyone who is celebrating with you the week and day of your wedding!

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