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Chris & Anne
Church of Saint Mark Catholic Wedding


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Celebrating with Chris & Anne was the best way to kick off our early spring wedding season! I fell in love with the bride’s family when we photographed her sister’s wedding back in 2017 and were so thrilled to see them all again for Anne’s turn at the altar! One of the things I appreciate about their family is how deeply they pray. In the final minutes before the mass while guests filled into the pews, Anne’s whole family gathered in the basement for a moment of prayer together. Hand in hand with her mom, dad, six siblings and their spouses toting a dozen nieces and nephews along, they all asked Christ to be present with Anne and Chris as they enter into the sacrament of marriage. Their family prayer before a wedding mass is a wonderful tradition to have seen carried through the years.

Chris and Anne also incorporated a beautiful tradition of holding a crucifix in their hands while saying their vows. It’s a growing trend born out of a small town in Croatia that intentionally shows how Christ is at the center of their marriage, leading them in their vocation, and guiding them in the example of sacrificial love. Not only will Chris and Anne have their wedding rings to remind them of their oneness, but also this crucifix that will now hang in the walls of their home as a tangible symbol of their vows.

Even the date for their wedding was truly prayerful. Fr. Humberto reminded us all in his homily that God’s providence had a hand in determining their wedding date itself. How beautiful it is to get married on a First Friday, a day devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and to start the first full day of marriage on a First Saturday devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They get a unique opportunity to begin their married life learning what it means to follow God’s will to Jesus through Mary.

Anne even wore a blue miraculous medal with her that she chose to affix to her bridal hairpiece. The whole family had been on a hunt for a blue one to incorporate into the day for weeks and then lo and behold one day while Anne was at her parents house stumbled across one that had slid behind the furniture. To me that echoed as a sign that Mary was revealing her presence to Anne that would carry through the wedding.

When I think back on this day, I hope to also always remember Chris’ joy. It was that kind of joy that is deeply rooted in peace and you couldn’t catch him without a smile on his face the whole afternoon now that he got to finally marry his bride!

Thank you both for being beautiful witnesses of Christ’s love to one another. We can’t wait to see what the Lord does in your marriage and lives through the years. God bless you both!

Location: Church of Saint Mark (St. Paul, MN)

Wedding Dress Boutique: BHLDN

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse

  1. Anne B says:

    You katzie and Ben
    We are
    So blessed by your help and love
    And sharing with us in this sacrament and celebration

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We are so glad you pulled up a chair and allowed us to share our heart for marriage, life, faith and beauty with you. Come on in and stay a while.