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Introducing “Detail Days” for Katzie and Ben Couples

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Tips for Brides

If you're newly engaged, read our posts with tips for brides to grow closer in prayer during your engagement and have a stress-free wedding day. 

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We know how much thought and care goes into making every decision for your wedding day. Each decision impacts the next. The date and season in which you are getting married naturally influence your attire and wedding colors. The colors then become the focal point of your bouquet, the bridesmaids dresses, invitation suite, reception decor, and much more.

As photographers we love helping you remember each of those details and preserve them for your future generations. Have you ever looked back at your parents or grandparents wedding pictures while thinking about how the styles changed through the years for better or worse? We want to give the couples we serve (like you!) a tangible way to do the same for your future family. 

Including these pictures in your wedding album can be a cherished keepsake through the years and help set the stage for the telling the story of the day.

This is why we’re so excited to offer our couples complimentary Wedding Detail Days!

The Benefits

In our ideal world, we’d have an hour or more per wedding just for photographing the wedding details while you’re getting ready, but due to the rush of the day we often squeeze this into 30 minutes (or less). By doing the detail pictures in advance, we can offer you more variety, ensure these are taken in beautiful controlled light (which isn’t always a given on the wedding day), and then give that time back to you in the wedding day timeline so you can reallocate it towards other parts of the day when you’re making memories with your loved ones.

How it Works

Once a month, we have a designated day where our wedding couples are invited to drop off their wedding details at our house in St. Paul for us to photograph in advance of the wedding day and pickup at the end of the weekend.  This service is free and available at no additional cost to you. 

We will send you a questionnaire with questions about your wedding colors and bouquet design. We pick up a few flower stems and greenery that are similar to include while taking pictures since we won’t have your actual bouquet in hand.

What to Bring

To prepare for the detail day, pack a box with any of the following items:

  • Full Invitation Suite (eg. Invite, RSVP card, reception details) & bring 2 copies of each!
  • Envelopes for invitation suite (some blank and some addressed)
  • Wedding & Engagement Rings (for both the bride and groom)
  • Bride’s Shoes
  • Bride’s Jewelry
  • Bride’s Veil (especially if it has a decorative trim) 
  • Groom’s Shoes
  • Groom’s Tie
  • Groom’s Cuff Links
  • Ring Box (or other monogrammed items)
  • Religious items (eg. Rosary)
  • …and any additional accessories, paper goods (custom wedding program/menu/etc.), or items you would like to be photographed.

Then on the wedding day, it’s just down to photographing the wedding dress and the memories surrounding you getting in it! If you’re interested in taking advantage of this service, send us an email and we will get the planning process started!

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We are so glad you pulled up a chair and allowed us to share our heart for marriage, life, faith and beauty with you. Come on in and stay a while.