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How to Write the Perfect Wedding Speech


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We hear a LOT of wedding speeches and toasts as photographers. The good, the bad, and the ugly (cry, that is).

Our favorite wedding speeches are often short, sweet, avoid inside jokes and speak directly to the couple’s personalities and strengths that they will be bringing into the marriage.

We’ve included five pro tips on how to write the perfect wedding speech below for you to share with your maid of honor and best man as inspiration for their upcoming toast.

How to give the perfect wedding speech | Advice and Ideas for the Maid of Honor Speech and Best Man Speech | Photo by Katzie and Ben Photography

Tip #1. The Introduction

Briefly introduce yourself and your relation to the bride/groom. However, remember that the bride and groom want to be put in their BEST light on their wedding day; so, avoid sharing an intro story that (although funny in the moment) might make them feel embarrassed in front of their family and friends.

Tip #2: Stay on Target

Your wedding speech should tie in all stories to a central theme and be under 5 minutes (it’s true that concise IS nice). A simple way to achieve this is to write it out in advance. Whether you print it out or have it on your phone it will keep you from rambling. Your speech could be the ONE thing keeping guests from dessert so you should make it well worth their time without taking up too much time from the day.

Tip #3. I Knew They Were Meant to Be When…

Share a story about when YOU saw signs that the bride/groom was the ONE for the other. Another approach is to speak generally on how their strengths and qualities are the perfect complement. We always love when siblings share about the qualities from childhood that playfully show how their sister/brother will make a great spouse.

Tip #4: Humor Me

Don’t be afraid of humor, but keep it clean. A recent favorite was when the Matron of Honor shared how she met the bride when they both worked together at Target. They became instant friends during the bride’s first day on the job and even went so far as to start planning double dates with their (then) boyfriends by the end of the shift. The MOH joked saying, “you really CAN find everything at Target… even your best friends.”

Tip #5: Keep the Bigger Picture in Focus

Speak to the goals of marriage itself, share your hopes and prayers for the couple, or offer advice on how to love and sacrifice in the for better and for worse times. The father of the bride at a wedding last fall offered a prayer for the couple because, as he said, “the graces of this prayer will bless and guide the newlyweds far more than anything I could say myself.” Isn’t that SO SWEET?!


Did you find this helpful? Send this article to your maid of honor, best man, or someone who could use some speech writing inspiration.

Leave a comment with a funny or sweet line that has stuck out to you at the weddings you’ve attended – maybe even your own!

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