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Mahowald Family
Summer Family Session at Upper Landing Park


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Wow oh wow do we love this family! This is the third year we’ve gotten the honor of capturing them and it is the best feeling as a photographer to get to see the kids you photographed as babies become toddlers running around!

The boys were so excited to be doing their photoshoot by the Mississippi River and see the barges and boats float by on the water. We let them run around and climb on rocks just like boys do. Then, with a little help of some Reeses peanut butter cups, they stood still and smiled for the camera with mom and dad.

We always like getting a picture of mom and dad alone during their family session too. While most couples are happy during their session (minus the stress every parent feels hoping their kid smiles for one picture in front of the camera), Tim and Libby always have so overflowing joy at theirs. Tim can get Libby to roar with laughter like none other and their beaming smiles become so contagious that my own cheeks can’t help but mirror theirs!

Thanks for inviting us in to capture this season of life. Here’s to many more years of capturing your beautiful family grow!

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We are so glad you pulled up a chair and allowed us to share our heart for marriage, life, faith and beauty with you. Come on in and stay a while.

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