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Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator (Divinely Designed Events)

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One of the things we’ve noticed after photographing more than 100 weddings is the difference having a wedding coordinator makes when it comes to the bride, groom, and their parents being able to relax and enjoy the day! Having a coordinator in your corner means you don’t have to worry about how anything is going to happen, because someone is already two steps ahead of you taking care of it. The thought of adding one more line item to your budget might seem daunting, but the time and the peace that you gain by delegating tasks so that you as a couple can focus on each other, your sacrament, your family, your friends, and your guests is absolutely priceless.

We wanted to give a special highlight to one of our favorite wedding coordinators to work with, Elizabeth from Divinely Designed Events, who is a catholic wedding planner and coordinator here in the Twin Cities area. She has an incredible eye for detail, is organized to a T, is joyful, and has a heart for helping you keep Christ at the center of the day.

We asked her to share what makes hiring a wedding coordinator so beneficial to your wedding day and to help clear the air on what the heck a wedding coordinator actually does!

What is a Wedding Coordinator? 

A wedding coordinator is focused on the execution and logistics of your wedding day. They usually begin to prepare with you a few months prior to your wedding, tying up loose ends as you get close to your big day. They can ask the questions you might not think to ask, confirm that all details are in place, and then execute the vision you have planned. Part of their job includes coordinating everything that is involved on the day of your wedding, from set up to tear down.

Reasons to Hire A Catholic Wedding Coordinator for your Wedding:

  1. Give yourself the ability to be present: You are entering into the Sacrament of Matrimony. Spend your time preparing your soul to receive the Sacrament, and let the professionals handle the details and manage the logistics. Your wedding should be a day of joy and peace for you and your fianc√©. Intentionally soak up every moment of the day while your wedding coordinator keeps the schedule moving, your people in the right place, and the other vendors informed. 
  2. Gain expert knowledge: Wedding coordinators have experienced many weddings, and they have expertise that you can benefit from. They are able to seamlessly guide you through decisions about timelines, decor, floor plans, and dress colors, and they can provide you with additional planning resources if needed. Also, most wedding coordinators have a list of vendors they have worked with in the past, so you can avoid the headache of searching for them yourself. 
  3. Partner with someone who shares your values and visions: As a Catholic bride, it can be difficult to find vendors who will help you honor the Sacrament with the proper reverence it deserves. Choosing a Catholic wedding coordinator will help you plan a devout liturgy and beautiful reception, an entire celebration focused on the Divine Mystery of the Sacrament and your participation in it. 

If that sounds like someone you want to have in your corner on a wedding day, go inquire with Elizabeth to see if she’d be the right fit for helping you navigate wedding planning so you can be fully present to experience peace and joy on your wedding day.

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