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Robin & Sophie
Winter Engagement Session at the Basilica of Saint Mary


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Our favorite piece of advice for couples who want to do engagement pictures between November and April in Minnesota is to choose a location that has beautiful architecture. You can’t go wrong! Since weather can be hit or miss from one week to the next, choosing a place with gorgeous architecture ensures you’ll have fabulous photos no matter if there is snow or if it has all melted into a muddy mess. Choosing the Basilica in Minneapolis was extra close to their hearts because it actually the spot where Robin proposed to Sophie! We included a little glimpse into how that all went down below from what the two of them shared with us when we first met and it is a cute story to be sure! But first, let’s take you back to how they met.

How they met

Robin and Sophie met through their college jobs in the Rec Center at the University of Minnesota. When classes ended for the semester and work naturally slowed down over the summer, they found themselves having more free time to talk as coworkers and found that their personalities really hit it off. It wasn’t long before they were dating and made it work even when Sophie transferred schools and the pandemic came rolling in. They committed to push through the hurdles and long distance and good thing they did because it was well worth the wait!

How he proposed

When it came to proposing, Robin knew that Sophie loves the beauty found within churches so Robin suggested they go to the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis to look at the art, paintings, and stained glass windows, etc. When they walked inside, a wedding mass was going on and the consecration prayer had just started. They quietly walked back outside, wanting to give the wedding its reverence, but it really felt like a sign. When they reached the bottom of the steps Robin knelt down on one knee to ask Sophie to be his bride! And she said yes! 🎉💍

The engagement session

It was fun returning to the basilica for their engagement session and helping to remember the place where this whole engagement journey began. They even had a chance to walk around the empty church and spend time in prayer during their session – to be honest, this was really the most beautiful part of it all. We love seeing how a couple like these two live out their faith and want to include it in their photo session too!

We can’t wait for their wedding later this spring and more fun memories ahead as a #KandBcouple!

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