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Andrew and Taylor
Rustic and Relaxed Engagement Session


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I am SO in love with this engagement session. Buckle up for some cuteness, because Taylor and Andrew are overflowing with it!

This sweet bride-to-be has been in my life since we were little kids. We go back decades to memories of Fourth of July’s at my great aunt and uncle’s lake house, riding in the pontoon, blowing bubbles, playing dress up, and acting out “school” before we were old enough to even go to school!

I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to reconnect and that Andrew has now entered into the picture as her future husband. He is certainly not some pretend prince charming like when we were kids, it is actually happening IRL. Their authentic love is truly better than any fairytale, if you ask me. When Andrew looks at Taylor, you can tell how much he adores her and as a result Taylor never stops smiling. I didn’t even noticed I was doing this until they called me out on it, but each time they kissed I couldn’t help but let out a soft “woo!” because their love is magic and their chemistry was through the roof.

A roof couldn’t contain these two anyways. They are true outdoors people at heart, Andrew especially. We traveled up to Taylor’s Falls for their session to capture them in their element. While the scenic overlooks were packed full of people who were also taking advantage of this beautiful spring day, we were able to find our own little corner of the state park that was quiet and all our own. The intimate field gave them a chance to snuggle up and focus on the way that they feel about one another.

We can’t wait to continue celebrating your love in all the days leading up to and through your wedding day in just a few short months!

Katzie and Ben

P.S. Shoutout to Chloe Marie Design for the cute calligraphy window with their date on it! I am so in love with it and can’t wait to photograph it more at their wedding!

Calligraphy window by Chloe.
Find her on Facebook at Chloe Marie Design

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We are so glad you pulled up a chair and allowed us to share our heart for marriage, life, faith and beauty with you. Come on in and stay a while.