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5 Accessories You Need For Winter Pictures


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Tips for Brides

If you're newly engaged, read our posts with tips for brides to grow closer in prayer during your engagement and have a stress-free wedding day. 

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Planning a winter wedding or engagement session? These five practical accessories will help you stay warm during your winter pictures!

First of all, there is something magical about a winter wedding and snowy engagement session in Minnesota. We all seem to become starry eyed over the idea of ice skating dates, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, and cuddling up with our sweethearts to stay warm – all while snowflakes fall around us like a snow globe, of course.

It brings out the romantic side of us. So we embrace it.

After years of photographing winter weddings in Minnesota, we’ve learned a few “pro tips” to make the experience as enjoyable for our bride, groom, and their wedding parties as possible. Once your basic physiological need for warmth is met, you can keep your focus on the intimate emotions and memories made being playful in the snow with the one you love instead of being distracted by chilly toes.

01. Bundle up under extra blankets

We are giving you a great excuse to cuddle up close with your soon-to-be spouse by bundling you both up under blankets like a burrito. Not only are big cozy blankets perfect for snuggling underneath, they’re also perfect for keeping you warm when we move between locations.

When we do outdoor bridal party photos during a winter wedding, the bridesmaids are extra grateful for this pointer to help them stay bundled as long as possible before they brave the cold temps in their sleeveless dresses. Since the guys have it pretty easy by keeping their suit coats on and their hands in their pockets, we gotta give the Minnesota ladies a round of applause as the real MVPs.

Nowhere to put the blanket or a coat during winter wedding pictures? No problem! Ben not only is an awesome photographer for the business, he is also a professional coat holder to help you out when you need it most!

Behind the scenes

02. Flaunt Winter Fashion

Part of the reason a lot of our brides choose the winter season for their wedding or pictures is because they have a heart for the fashionable choices available. Pashmina scarves, fur shawls and ear muffs… it slays me. The best part? All of it is timeless. These trends for winter weddings withstand the test of time from the 1950s to the present age while still adding their own modern flair. Choosing accessories that are practical and stylish are a sure way to LOVE your photos for the decades to come.

Winter Wedding Fashion Style - DIY Wedding Bouquet - Bridal Fur Shawl

03. Leggings are a hidden treasure

Speaking of fashion, winter is prime time season for long, flowy dresses and skirts. Not only do our brides and bridesmaids love them, but the camera loves them too.

They look AMAZING on camera because they add extra movement to the images AND allow you to sneak extra comfort and warmth underneath the dress with a pair of leggings. If you are planning on foregoing leggings to wear a shorter cocktail length dress with tights, we recommend having a pair of sweatpants in the car to warm up your legs after the session.

Burgundy Bridesmaids Dresses | Winter Wedding | Neutral Shawls

04. These boots were made for walking

And that’s just what they’ll do. We LOVE a good high heel to elongate your leg and to add some romantic style to the images (did anyone else think of the scene from Princess Diaries when Mia wants a real foot poppin’ kiss?!) However, when you’re walking through snow for a winter wedding or engagement session, heels are vulnerable to getting snow in them. Trust us, your feet will thank you for bringing a pair of winter boots to keep your feet dry as possible when we move between locations.

The best part, is that they are often hidden from view anyways with those beautiful, long and flowy bridesmaids dresses.

Wedding Party Pictures - Walking in the Snow - Bridesmaids and Groomsmen - Minnesota Catholic Winter Wedding - Saint Paul, Minnesota

05. High five for hand warmers

This tip isn’t just for the ice fishers, skiers or snowboarders among us. Hand warmers are SO helpful for outdoor portraits. They can be tucked in your mittens or boots to give you the added warmth you need for chilly toes, fingers, and noses!

Let us know if you found this helpful and any other tips that have helped you stay comfortable in the cold!

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