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Nestor & Melina
Romantic Catholic Wedding | Cathedral of St. Paul


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Nestor and Melina are a couple near and dear to our hearts! We had the honor of photographing Melina’s brother’s wedding two years ago when their relationship was just beginning. It’s been a gift to us to watch that relationship grow through the years and to now celebrate by their side.

Let me tell ya that these two are all things romantic! When you hear them say mi amor to one another your own eyes will light up. Not to mention that serving a good bottle of wine and cooking up some delicious cuisines for their friends is a love language they are fluent at. And don’t even get me started on their killer dance moves!

Their proposal too was no exception! Nestor got down on one knee surrounded by red rose pedals as he asked Melina to marry him in the Marian Chapel at the Cathedral of St. Paul. The way they bring their relationship before God and model their relationship after the Holy Family is a powerful example for others.

God gifted them with a heart for hospitality too. When they hired us as photographers, they also invited us into their lives, to attend their bridal events, and even offered to come make a homemade meal for us as new parent. It made a huge impact on us. We’ve loved deepening our friendship with them over the past year and even supporting their business too! Nestor is truly a phenomenal real estate agent and helped us buy our first home(!!). Seriously, check him out. Through that whole experience we saw firsthand how he looks at a “house” and sees the vision for a home. He prayed with us at each house showing that God reveal to us the right place that He has prepared for us, to show us in His timing, and to give us peace in the process. We have no doubt that Nestor is going to do that tenfold for Melina and lead his family with his steadfast faith.

We knew we were not the only ones who feel so included and loved by them in this way…because look at their 16 person wedding party!! Being surrounded by that many people on your wedding day says a lot about the couples’ care for others when THAT many people give a resounding YES to stand by their side on this important day.

Their wedding was at the Cathedral of St. Paul on the feast of St. Benedict. What was forecasted to be a hot, stormy day turned out to be clear skies and sunshine for them. This was a real grace since their reception plans changed to an intimate tent reception due to the twists and turns that the COVID-19 pandemic threw into their wedding planning. If they had their way, they would have filled a ballroom full of loved ones from near and far – including their families from Miami and Argentina – who would dance the night away with them.

Instead they had a private dinner at a family’s house. A silver lining from the change in plans was that they had complete flexibility in the food catered in for their dinner. The groom’s mom made some traditional Argentine cookies for their dessert table and the couple lined up a delicious buffet full of rich steaks and empanadas to help bring some of their favorite flavors and heritage to the day. (We will be raving about those empanadas for a long long time!)

Melina and Nestor, we can’t wait to see the ways the Lord works through your marriage. You two see Christ in everyone you meet and you truly bring Him to others. Thanks for inviting us in to capture your day and to grow in an even greater friendship with you both in the process.

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